Betsie Riverside Resort FAQ

  1. Are you open all year-round?
    -Nope. We are a seasonal resort- open generally from early April through mid-October.
  2. What’s your deposit/payment/refund policy?
    -If you book with us directly we require a 50% deposit upon booking, with the balance payable one week out from your stay. Bookings for stays within one week require full payment when made. Our refund policy, and other booking info, can be found HERE. NOTE- booking via an online travel agency such as Expedia or will likely have differing deposit & refund policies (that we have little control over). Be sure you understand the policies before you book. If you have any questions, just give us a call or drop us an email! PS- it’s always better for us if you book direct!
  3. Do we need to bring our own linens, towels, cookware, etc?
    -No. All of our cabins are fully stocked. Every cabin has a kitchen stocked with dishes, cookware, etc. along with a gas stove and a full-size fridge, microwave, coffee maker (we provide the filters, you provide the grounds), and a charcoal grill outside. All towels and bed linens are provided. Consider our cabins like a small home-away-from-home (except located right on the bank of the Betsie River!)
  4. Are the cabins heated/cooled?
    -Yes. All cabins have natural gas wall furnaces and window AC units.
  5. Do you have Wi-Fi?
    -Yes! The entire resort is covered by our Wi-Fi network. We also have cable TV and DVD players in all cabins (with family-friendly DVDs in the resort office for free checkout).
  6. Do you allow pets?
    -No. Pets are not allowed at the BRR. While we are animal lovers ourselves, we’ve found this policy to be best for the resort overall.
  7. Are there bugs Up North?
    -We go out of our way to keep our cabins VERY clean (as you can read via our reviews), but to expect us to wholesale apply chemicals throughout the resort to eliminate entire swaths of the NW Michigan ecosystem is unrealistic & not in keeping with our ethos. Nature was here first, and she’ll be here in the off-season, and long after we’re gone. You may even notice that we don’t mow all areas of the resort, on purpose, to better serve pollinators & our permanent non-human resort residents. Please don’t confuse the presence of normal NW Michigan outdoor creatures that may, on occasion, find their way into your cottage with an unclean property. Of course we spray for ants in cabins, place mouse traps when needed, and kill wasps near cabins, but yes- wood roaches live in the mulch under your outdoor trashcan… and no- we won’t be carpet-bombing the grounds with pesticides. (Sorry for the former-science-teacher rant.)
  8. When does your pool/hot-tub open for the season?
    -Our indoor heated pool and hot-tub usually opens for the season the last weekend in April/first weekend in May and remains open until the close our season in October. (NOTE that this means the pool /hot-tub are not available during the early shoulder season…) Call or email us for the exact opening date for the season!
  9. We are BRR guests, but our friends/relatives are staying elsewhere. Can they all come over and use the amenities?
    -Resort amenities such as the pool/hot-tub, fish-cleaning station, kayak launch area, etc. are NOT available to folks who are not registered guests here at the resort. We must reserve our amenities for those who paid for their exclusive use. Of course you can have visitors, but be sure they understand these limitations.
  10. Do you allow smoking on the property?
    -Smoking (of any kind) is not allowed inside any cabin or other building on the property, and this rule is strictly enforced. Smoking on your cabin porch or outside on the grounds is allowed, just be cognizant of others. Please dispose of all butts in trash or smoking receptacles- NOT fire rings or on the ground.
  11. Can I have an early check-in time or late check-out?
    -Not usually (and basically never after Memorial Day). We are a small, family-owned property, meaning the owners who check you in are also the maids who clean your cabin! There is only a 4-hour window between guest check-out (11am) and check-in (3pm), and in the busy season it’s not possible for us to turn cabins faster. Plus we really want you to enjoy your stay, and that starts with a clean, well-cared for cabin… Note that access to the entire property ends at check-out time. FYI- late check-in can generally be accommodated if you have a zero balance, just let us know ahead of time, and we can make those arrangements.
  12. What about parking?
    -Every cabin has a numbered, assigned parking spot beside/very near it. Please don’t park in someone else’s parking spot! We do have an overflow parking lot (that can also accommodate small boats, trailers, etc.). The overflow lot is also great if you drive a large 4-door truck or similar as our cabin parking can be tight. We can NOT accommodate a car per person, so please carpool if you can. The NW Michigan environment thanks you!
  13. Do you recycle?
    -We do! In every cabin you’ll find brown paper grocery bags to place your recyclables in. Please only place dry/clean cardboard, clean plastic/metal, glass and plastic bottles and cans in the paper bags. Please don’t crush soda/alcohol cans or break bottles as the return machine must be able to scan them. Thanks!
  14. In addition to your indoor pool/hot-tub what other amenities do you have?
    -We have a small fenced playground for young children, free borrowing of board games and family-friendly DVDs from the resort office, a fish-cleaning station & free freezer space for your catch, and we offer canoe and kayak rentals on the Betsie River.
  15. What about your campsites?
    -We have two campsites- #1 is right on the river, #2 has a river-view. They have 15-amp electricity and water and can fit a smaller RV/trailer, popup camper, or tent. Campsites do NOT have 30 or 50-amp electricity or sewer. Campers have a dedicated bathroom (sink/toilet/shower) for their use, but campsite guests do need to bring their own towels.
  16. How far are you from Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore? Traverse City?
    -We are located about 30-minutes south of this incredible natural area. A beautiful drive up famed M22 will have you there in no time. We’re about 45 minutes from Traverse City- restaurants, nightlife, Old Mission Peninsula wineries, and more…
  17. Is there good fishing in your area?
    -That’s an understatement! The Betsie River is a premiere fall salmon fishing river. And the resort is located in a prime spot on the river, just downstream from the remains of Homestead Dam. Your cabin is literally on the bank of the Betsie. Combine that with spring steelhead fishing, and year-round resident trout fishing as well as opportunities in Lake Michigan, Betsie Bay, Crystal Lake, and the many inland lakes and streams in NW Michigan, and you are set!
  18. What’s the “vibe” of your property?
    -Family-friendly, clean, customer-service oriented… We strive for a classic “up-north” feel, but with added amenities. We expect guests to be respectful of our property, nature, and other guests. We know you’re here to enjoy yourself (and we want you to!), but partying late into the night, disturbing others, littering or abusing the environment- that’s not the Betsie Riverside. If your preferred leisure activities have a negative impact on other guests or our property you’ll likely be invited to pursue accommodations elsewhere in the future.The resort is also not just a place of business; it’s our year-round home! When you check in if you peek beyond the front office you’re looking into our kitchen. The resort has ALWAYS been locally owned and operated… power to the Mom&Pops!
  19. Is EVERYTHING in Benzie County named “Betsie”???
    -LOL… Not quite. The Betsie River is a prominent feature of our small county (and apparently we’re not very creative), so you’ll find a lot of places with Betsie in the name. There are other campgrounds, businesses, landmarks, etc. that use it, so be sure you are looking up Betsie Riverside Resort when you Google- otherwise you may be on the wrong website!
  20. So, who is this Betsie?
    -Betsie isn’t actually a person. The river’s name is derived from the French la rivière aux Bec-scies, meaning river of sawbill ducks (bec-scie). Both “Betsie” and “Benzie” are corrupted pronunciations of this name.
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