Kayak/Canoe Rental

Betsie River Map

Betsie River kayaking or canoeing is a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of Benzie County. The Betsie River is one of 16 designated in the Michigan Natural Rivers program… fairly shallow, winding and narrow in places, the beauty of the river is best enjoyed by floating down her. While a Betsie river float is not recommended for a first-time/novice paddler or young children due to the occasional obstructions, the various twists and turns, and the possible need to portage, it can be a memorable trip for those seeking to enjoy nature on the river. Guests of the BRR receive a $5 discount off of the prices shown below. To help you decide which river in the Benzie County area to kayak, canoe, or tube: see our tip-sheet HERE.

The Betsie Riverside Resort offers 1.5-hour and 3-hour canoe or kayak float trips that begin at the resort and end at designated spots down river. For advanced paddlers we can also offer a 5.5-hour trip that begins upstream and requires a 100-yd portage around Homestead Dam and previous paddling experience. From the Riverside you can rent a 1-person or 2-person kayak or canoe, and, of course, all the items needed (paddles, life vests, cushions, and car-spotting or shuttle) for your trip. Have your own kayak or canoe? We’re happy to provide a shuttle alone if needed. It’s always recommended to call ahead as we are often cleaning cabins and unavailable before 2pm otherwise.

Want to hit the river at 2pm or later?- just come by. Want to go out in the morning?- please call ahead to book your trip. We often canNOT accommodate walkups before 2pm w/out a prior booking.

Kayak trips:
1.5-hr (1-person): $40 / (2-person): $65
3-hr (1-person): $50 / (2-person): $75
5.5-hr (1-person): $65 / (2-person): $90 [portage required]

Canoe trips:
1.5-hr (2-person): $65
3-hr (2-person): $75
5.5-hr (2-person): $90 [portage required]

Shuttle/Car-spotting: $30 minimum (Betsie River only; BRR cannot drive your vehicle.)

The prosaic details:

-Call ahead to plan your trip, especially if your start time is before 2pm! 231-882-7783

-Renters are responsible for their own safety and BRR equipment from drop-off to pick-up.

-Participants must be 5 years of age or older and life jackets are required gear for all ages.

-Please float safely, responsibly and follow LNT (leave no trace) principles.

-In our opinion kayaks are the much better choice over canoes on the Betsie.

-Float times are approximate based on average river conditions and a casual but steady paddle.

-Pets are allowed on canoe/kayak day trips, but no overnight stays at BRR.

-Failure to return or secure BRR equipment may result in replacement or damage fees being charged.

-Labor Day weekend is the last dates we will put kayaks/canoes on the river to avoid conflict w/fishermen.