BRR Privacy Policy

The Betsie Riverside Resort will never sell or provide others your contact information or any other data you share with us when browsing our site or booking a stay for external purposes. All information collected is used ONLY for BRR purposes and only where needed to allow for appropriate business related transactions and operations. We will take all steps we reasonably can to insure your privacy and data security.

  1. Reservation information: The Betsie Riverside Resort website does not automatically collect or store personally identifying information such as name, address, etc. All sensitive information necessary for reservations is processed via our reservation processor Reservation Key, and all data is handled in accordance to PCI Security Standards Council compliance standards.
  2. Cookies: Our website does employ cookies. Cookies are small data text files and can be stored on your computer’s hard drive (if your web browser permits). This website uses cookies for the following general purposes:
    -To help us recognize your browser as a previous visitor and save and remember any preferences that may have been set while your browser was visiting our site.
    -To help measure and research the effectiveness of website features and offerings, advertisements, and search engine optimization efforts.
  3. While use of our website indicates your agreement, you may block cookies via your browser and still use or site, or you may choose to not use our website and call or contact us via other methods.
  4. Other technology: Our website does utilize other third-party technology such as pixels and tags to help us better understand who visits the site and to better market towards potential guests. Such data is only presented to us in aggregate, meaning we cannot know the actions “Joe Smith” took on our site, only that “this photo is viewed most often”, or “most visitors spend more time on this page”, etc.
  5. While use of our website indicates your agreement, if you are opposed to the use of such (pixels, tags, etc.), you may choose not use our website and call or contact us via other methods.