History of the BRR

Betsie Riverside Resort has been around! We’re proud to say we’ve been hosting guests on their up north visits for well over 80 years! We don’t actually know just how long the resort has been in business, but we do have an old guest book that dates back to July of 1941… so, it’s been a while. At one time the resort was known as the Riverside Resort, and Mrs. Rena Link was the proprietor. At another point we were known as Howard’s Riverside Cabins.

In 1975 Barb and John Hanmer bought the resort which was in need of renovation and improvements. They set about repairing what they could, building new cabins, installing amenities, and raising their family on-site for the next 46 seasons. Hanmer’s Riverside Resort thrived and once again became a tradition for families & friends as they returned annually for summer vacations, fall fishing, and winter activities.

In 2020 two ambitious Texans, Chris and Misti Rasure, made the decision to come north and continue the Benzie County tradition others had started. Re-christened the Betsie Riverside Resort, we aim to echo the past while providing the comforts of the present. We love the history of our little spot, and still today there are some hints on the property of what came before. A few of the small out-buildings date from many years ago. Cabin #4 has some history. And Cabin #6 is our matriarch- she was around before we were born!